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Coming Soon!


Please feel free to call if you'd like to be notified when any of these listings become available!  314-914-0027


29XX Hickory, 63104

Coming soon! Please do not disturb the occupants!






 21XX Del Rio, 63010

Coming soon to Arnold!! Please do not disturb the occupants!!





37XX Salome, 63121

Coming soon to Uplands Park!! Please do not disturb the occupants!





66XX Kenwood, 63121

Coming soon to Pine Lawn!

Do not disturb occupants!




88XX Huiskamp, 63136

Coming soon to Jennings!!!





X South Floridale, 63135

2-Family coming soon!!






21XX Chippewa, 63118

2-family coming soon

to South City!!




14XX Patterson, 63031

Coming soon!! Please do

not disturb tenants!!





10XX Tree Trails, 63026

Coming soon to Fenton!!

Do not disturb occupants!




35XX St. Luke, 63074

2-Family duplex

Coming soon to St. Ann!!





39XX Flucom, 63020

Coming soon to De Soto!!

With all this space you

could build your dream



41XX West Belle, 63108

Coming soon to the West 

End!! Rehab opportunity!!




43XX Enright, 63108

Coming soon!!!




45XX Carter, 63115

Coming soon!!

Do not disturb occupants!




47XX Theiss, 63128

Coming soon!!

Start fresh and build

your dream home!!!



60XX Marmaduke, 63139

Coming soon!!

1B, 1B condo!! Please do 

not disturb occupants!!



1004XX Eastbrook, 63114

Coming soon!!!Please do 

not disturb occupants!!!





88XX Ione, 63123

Rehab opportunity

Coming soon!!!